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Busy mum? How to motivate yourself during isolation

Life as a mum is hectic and isolation can be challenging. These two mixed together can put an unusual spin on daily life, so how can a busy mum motivate herself in isolation? Emma Bunting shares her top tips.

What is motivation? Motivation is the enthusiasm or willingness to do something. Life as a mum is hectic. Isolation can be challenging. These two mixed together can put an unusual spin on daily life, so how can a busy mum motivate herself in isolation?

1. Work out early morning There is something so satisfying about waking up early before the kids and working out! It can have many benefits, it ensures we have time for exercise and it can improve self-control. There are many reasons why establishing a fitness routine is so important, to name a few: it gives us something to look forward to; it allows us to have some "mum time" without feeling the mum guilt; and, above all else, it’s great for mental health. Top tips: Keep it simple and stick to something sustainable. 20 minutes a day is enough to boost your mood. If finding time to workout is challenging, consider joining an online fitness group that can give you access to live and pre-recorded workouts. Or find a way to keep your body moving like dancing around the living room with the kids.

2. Setting daily goals Completing goals can give you a sense of achievement and make you feel in control. Start your day with setting achievable goals to increases your chances of success, happiness and contentment once your goal has been achieved. Top tips: Plan your day each morning and write it down. Make your goals realistic and don't aim too high – it can be anything from mowing the lawn to how much water you drink.

3. 'Feel good' activities Do something that you enjoy and makes you feel good – something different from your daily goal and something that you're doing just because you love what you are doing! Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. Top tips: Try experimenting with a good healthy breakfast and a fresh juice; try a new online yoga class; listen to some good uplifting music or a podcast; or tick off those jobs that you have been meaning to do for months which will give you relief.

4. Stay connected It’s so important to stay connected with friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues. It is too easy to stay in our own little 'family bubble' and not communicate with anyone outside the bubble. Try and make time for other people and check in to see how other people are doing – maybe other people need you as much as you need them. It’s so good for the soul to talk and communicate with other people and to understand what everyone else is going through. Top tip: Plan weekly family or friends catch-ups: arrange a quiz, a fancy-dress party or just enjoy a glass of wine together over Zoom. Make a phone call each week to a friend who you haven't caught up with for a while – they actually might need it more than you.

5. Downtime Make sure you plan downtime for yourself to relax. It’s important for mums to factor in 'mum time' to switch off and do something that you enjoy. We are always thinking about our little people and not giving ourselves enough time. Top tips: Plan drinks or a date night with hubby; enjoy themed dinner nights with the kids and get them involved instead of chasing them out of the kitchen! Or, simply enjoy a bath all to yourself with a glass of wine. Above all else, look after yourself and make sure you have time for you.

Emma runs Motivate Mums in Lindfield, Sydney. To find out more about her and get in touch, click here. You can also find her on Instagram.

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